5 Hunting Horses Near Banbury

The drive through the Northamptonshire countryside to Banbury was a delight. Especially with the stone of the cottages noticeably changing to a gorgeous rust colour as I drove.

On arrival at the yard, there was a hive of activity and a real sense of all hands on deck. This was totally understandable with five hunting horses to prepare for today’s shoot.

Despite the sunny morning, it was deceptively cold and the horses were enjoying the warmth of their heater before their turn!

With the stunning view from their paddocks, this was chosen by Henry as the backdrop for the horses portraits. And only dressed in head collars they were impeccably behaved during the whole shoot. Even during the group shots of his three Field Master rides this season with the Grafton.

An unexpected pause in the session as the clouds and hail arrived was a great time to have a cuppa and some Jelly Babies! And chat of course. I really love to get to know my clients a little and this was the perfect time…

Then it was Sophie’s turn, with their beloved Hugonaught who taught all their children how to ride and Trail Hunt in safety. A very special Pony indeed.

I have visited Banbury a couple of times since: for Henry’s viewing and to hand deliver their order of three stunning frames to hang in their home and enjoy for years to come.

And I’ll be going back in the spring next year to photograph their children with their horses. Yay!


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