Darcey and Ziggy at Rein & Shine

I love working with young people. So when a mum phoned wanting to purchase a horse shoot gift voucher for her daughter turning thirteen, I was super excited. Most of all, I was looking forward to meeting Darcey and having fun during her session.

Her 15.2hh horse, Ziggy, is a 9 year old Belgium Warmblood. An easy going, all rounder. How lucky is she?

On arrival, I could see a gaggle of happy helpers. As it turns out, a real family affair with Darcey’s mum, sister, her boyfriend and a horsey friend. Lots of help…yippee!

At the start of my sessions, there is always an opportunity for ‘girlie time’ looking at outfits, putting them together and choosing which locations to wear them. Life is full of difficult decisions eh?!

Whilst working with horses and their owners, my aim is always to help people relax into their session. Consequently, I then get the best shots. There is also lots of “look adoringly at your horse and smile!” And on this shoot there was lots of giggling from the two young girls. Having her friend as moral support really helped Darcey to enjoy her time with Ziggy and my camera.

During the morning, I was so pleased to hear Darcey’s sister compliment me; “You are so calm and so patient with my sister and Ziggy!” This lovely comment made me go all goose pimperly inside. Exactly the words I just love to hear.

To finish the session, Darcey wore her long summer skirt to match the long grass and her long hair blowing in the breeze. Ziggy was a complete superstar on top of the grassy slope, and just watched the world go by. Darcey was able to really relax and cuddle and hug him, to her hearts content. And I got some fabulous photographs. Yay!


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