Polo Ponies at Fifield Polo Club, Windsor

After a lovely sunny drive to rural Berkshire, I arrived at the busy and vibrant Fifield Polo Club based in Windsor. Fifield consists of a 60 acre estate, with four polo fields, an 80 x 30m arena and stabling for over 100 horses. A fabulous set up.

It is always exciting to meet and catch up with new clients at the start of a session. Whilst relaxing over a cuppa before I get my camera out.

With rising temperatures, both horses were waiting in the cool of their stables. This then gave me a great opportunity to take some portraits of Shisho while Lauren and Will helped get his ears forward! And boy did he look stunning.

A high priority on Lauren’s list was to have some photographs of Prince loose in the outdoor school. Naked! It was super fun to see and shoot Prince in action, in the open space of the arena, cavorting and strutting his stuff.

Tacking up and dressing for polo takes a little time…so I head over to the shade of the largest tree I could find! And waited. As they appeared, it gave me the chance to take some lovely relaxed shots of Will and Lauren riding across the immaculate pitch towards me.

Under the low boughs, they took a break from the heat to create some more traditional portraits alongside their steads.

Next it was time for the super fun action shots of them playing the ball. Prince and Shisho were stars despite the warmth of the afternoon. And boy can they do their job. Much pleasure and enjoyment was to be seen on Lauren and Will’s faces as they whacked the ball up and down the pitch for me.

And to finish the session…oodles of cold water for the horses.
And a can of ice cold coke for us!


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