Kate & Charlie at Barton End Equestrian Centre

I had the most amazing summer afternoon with Kate and her handsome 16.1hh Irish skewbald, Charlie. And with a character reference of ‘kind, nicest gentleman, genuine and honest’ I couldn’t wait to meet him!

Kate’s daughter was my wonderful assistant, in charge of helping get ears forward! Also, in sole charge of their 9 year old Border Collie, Ted. Who’s appearance would be requested in some photos.

Relaxed shots over Charlie’s stable door were made easier by the yard of donkeys nearby, keeping his ears attentive. And Kate’s stable friends keeping her smiling and giggling!

After cool drinks, we all headed up the track towards the open fields at the top. With the breeze picking up a bit, we settled amongst the long grass. Charlie enjoying the snack even with his bridle on! The pastoral scene here was peaceful and heavenly. Exactly why this is such a special place for Kate. Chances to enjoy moments like these are often few and far between.
My sessions give horse owners this unadulterated you time. In spades.

Kate’s other perfect space at Barton End Equestrian Centre is Charlie’s turnout field with it’s endless rural views. These images were at the top of Kate’s list. So we spent some long halcyon moments up there. The spot where Kate gets some precious headspace and calm after a long day at work. Priceless.


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