Two Beautiful Horses at Rein & Shine

With anticipation in the air, I drive to a lovely local riding and competition centre, Rein & Shine, to meet my new client. Julie has been busy all morning getting ready for her session with Murphy and Tasha.

On arrival, a cuppa is just what the doctor ordered, and a great way to catch up and confirm the session details and aims. I also find it helps clients relax before we get the horses out.

One at a time, we start off in the stable block as this helps to keep Murphy and Tasha calm. A busy yard helps to keep the horses attention and their ears forward!

Julie then wanted some shots of her leading the two horses, as if she was turning them out. An image to remind her of the amazing view she sees every day. And also the feeling of quiet contentment when she is with them. This shot is now a piece of stunning wall art hanging in her home which brings her a feeling of joy every time she looks at it.

Then, once boxed, we head over to Julie’s wonderful house and paddock with Murphy. He is so relaxed here and so too is Julie. They are home after all. The laurel hedge, apple trees and beautiful babbling brook make for some fantastic locations. And by now Julie knows how and where to stand, and this confidence shines through in her photographs.

Here is a collection of my favourites for you to see.


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