Billy and his ‘Summer Photo Shoot in the Cotswolds’

Before leaving, it is clear that my session with Angie and Vicky it is going to be a hot one! So, armed with sun lotion and oodles of water, I arrive at their well hidden yard in the Cotswolds.

As they show me around the farm, I am on the lookout for shade, shade and more shade. It is during these moments I realise it is always such a treat to explore Cotswold farms and their bountiful fields.

Billy is looking uber handsome in his stable, wearing his best head collar, freshly cleaned and polished. All dressed up ready to go.

High on my location list is the nearest field. I just love the long grass summer brings, with its wealth of meadow grasses and wildflowers; Buttercups, Rye, Meadow Fescue and Timothy. The perfect spot for a calm and tranquil summer scene.

The long cross country field has not been cut yet, so we head on over for some relaxed sitting shots with Billy…who is far more interested in eating the grass than standing still in it. “Keep his head up!” and “Don’t let him eat!” to be heard from the yard…probably.

The gallops with it’s high natural hedge provides some dappled shade in which to cool off, drink water and cuddle a pony to death!

Oh, and take some photos.


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