A Summer Session at Plummers Farm, Siddington

You know you have a good friend when she buys you a fabulous birthday gift…a joint horse photo shoot with a professional horse photographer.

On arrival, the smell of hoof oil and hay fills the air. Two gorgeous horses before me looking spick and span. Two gorgeous girls with big smiles and a look of anticipation and excitement. Just what I like to see.

The yard is full of great locations and I know how to make a horse and owner look fabulous in their shots. I have oodles of patience and ideas. And I can direct people to help them look their best and feel less awkward. My aim is for owners to relax into their shoot, and totally enjoy the experience.

Hay barns are my all time favourite location to take beautiful portraits with the best light. There is always somewhere for owners to sit and enjoy the moment. A hay barn is also perfect for when it rains unexpectedly!

The summer months bring meadows of wildflowers. And for Abby and Louie it was the time for Yarrow. With calm horses it is lovely to be able to sit amongst the flowers for some really relaxed shots. Note to self: do not lean back on the electric fencing!

 The final location of this shoot was the horses turnout field. It is always great to get a few shots of horses free and at liberty. Owners love them.


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